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When choosing and installing a sump pump, it is important to consider several factors.  The following are just some of these considerations:

  • Sump Pump capacity and strength
  • Sump Pump Back Flow Check Valve
  • Sump Pump Battery and Switch Backup
  • Sump Pump Alarm
  • Sump Pump Bleed Valve
  • Sump Pump Cabinet

Since the sump pump will be responsible for removing water as it is collected from the drainage system, you will want to choose a reliable, powerful pump that's appropriate for your basement.

PUMP CAPACITY AND STRENGTH:  Rain King will install only pumps from leading manufacturers, whose capacity and strength are capable of easily removing any ground water resulting from even the heaviest or most continuous rain falls.

Pumps installed by Rain King are a minimum of 1/3 to 1/2 horsepower pump with a pumping capacity capable of removing 2,200-3,000 gallons of water per hour from your basement.

Each pump is covered by a manufacturer's warranty and Rain King will provide an extended Warranty up to 5 years as part of the installation service.  A high quality pump should provide reliable and satisfactory service for years at a time.

PUMP BACK FLOW CHECK VALVE:  Each pump installed by Rain King is equipped with a back flow check valve.  This valve is designed to prevent any water which remains in the discharge pipe at the end of a pump cycle from flowing back into the pump's collection tank. 

This keeps the tank levels to a minimum and prevents water levels from reactivating the pump more frequently than is necessary.

SUMP PUMP BATTERY BACKUP UNIT:  Every sump pump installed by Rain King is equipped with a battery backup unit capable of maintaining pump operation for 8 hours in the event of power failure.

Additionally, a generator backup system may also be installed for those who may want or need added protection.

SUMP PUMP ALARM:  Every sump pump installed by Rain King is equipped with an alarm for both the battery backup and the mechanical operation of the pump. 

In the event the battery remains partially discharged or is low, or if there should be a mechanical failure of the pump, an alarm will sound to warn you of this condition so it can be remedied. 

It can be seen from these references that there are several ways to configure your basement's sump pump system.  Each is designed to ensure the effective and successful waterproofing of your basement.

Rain King can readily advise you on the necessity and details of each of these options in your particular circumstances.

SUMP PUMP BLEED VALVE:  Each sump pump installation done by Rain King includes a bleed valve that prevents the possibility of water backup in the discharge pipe during freezing conditions.

SUMP PUMP CABINET:  Want to enclose your pump once it's installed? Rain King also provides expert basement finishing services.  Whether you would like a smart-looking cabinet to enclose your sump pump, or a complete finishing or remodeling of your newly dry basement, Rain King offers the best in finishing expertise.

Rain King is a one-stop solution for your basement restoration and renovation needs.  Our representative will be happy to discuss your thoughts and needs when they come to provide a free evaluation.

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