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Rain King has over 25 years experience in all phases of foundation construction, repairs and remodeling

Keeping the integrity of your home's foundation and support structure intact is vitally important in protecting the value of your home, and safeguarding the soundness of your home's entire structure.

Foundation cracks that are not repaired allow water to enter the foundation.  And this is not the only problem. 

Over time, foundation cracks can create increasingly more serious and more costly problems to repair, such as weakening support for the interior walls above the foundation, damage to the basement sub-floor and damage to other areas of the foundation.  Foundation cracks threaten the stability and soundness of the entire structure. 

Crawl spaces exposed to chronic flooding or high levels of humidity, can undergo extensive deterioration and cause rotting in the structural joists under your home's living area.  Eventually floors may begin to sag and may even collapse.

Rain King has all the expertise that's needed to perform effective and lasting repairs if you have:

  • a water problem in your basement as a result of cracks or defects in your home's foundation, or

  • if your crawl space has suffered extensive structural damage, such as rotting or damaged wood and support beams.

  • if your home has suffered extensive structural damage in any other way, such as drywall damage, floor damage and so forth.


You don't want to be in a situation where a "quick-fix" repair promises to keep your basement dry, and then -- once you finish or refurbish the basement, for example -- the water comes back and causes even more costly damage than before.


Rain King uses the best and most effective hydraulic cements available to rebuild and completely seal foundation cracks where this method is assured of being successful.

If the nature of the damage to your foundation indicates this approach will prove effective, Rain King will do a "vee-notch" in the foundation in the area surrounding the crack and do a complete restoration of the damaged area. 

For portions of foundation that are more radically damaged, Rain King is able to replace entire segments of foundation with new foundation walls.

Rain King can also repair a foundation that is sinking, or collapsing, wherever this may be required. 

Essentially, Rain King has 25 years worth of know-how and expertise in repairing an enormous range of foundation and structural damages...and we do it well!


If your home has sustained either partial or extensive damage to the support beams in an exposed crawl space or in any other area of your home, Rain King can replace damaged joists and supports, as well as damaged columns and any other structural components in need of replacement.

Rain King can duplicate or improve upon all structural elements, such as the use of steel beams or wood, as the case or your preference may be.

Rain King's structural repair services will restore the structural soundness of your home.


What makes Rain King special as a service provider?

Many basement waterproofing providers will try to solve only part of your problem; whereas, Rain King does it all. 

We are a full service company!

Along with waterproofing, extensive foundation and structural repairs, Rain King can also repair any other damage to your home that may have resulted from flooding or chronic water damage.

We know how to solve your "whole" problem,
not just part of it!

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