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Excessive humidity in a wet basement, a home, or a crawl space can be the source of unending and costly problems: mold, mildew, chronic allergies, property damage and property devaluation

Even after your basement or crawl space has been waterproofed, there is still a concern about the moisture which is absorbed into the concrete or cinderblock walls, and into the concrete subfloor from the soil which surrounds your home's foundation. 

This will happen even though your basement or crawl space flooding problem has been solved.

Nevertheless, this is a concern easily addressed.  There is no reason to live with the discomfort, health and property hazards, and damaging effects of this excessive humidity


Once your basement has been waterproofed, or your crawl space encapsulated, you will most likely want to benefit by completing the job with a dehumidification system.

Such a system will provide additional protection for your health and for your home by keeping the basement or crawl space air from becoming damp and laden with excessive humidity, as is the case with any below-ground room or crawl space.

A damp basement or crawl space will cause high levels of humidity in other areas of your home and can be damaging to furniture, walls, framing, support beams, and even the foundation.

Basement Mold and MildewIt is residual dampness in walls and floors that causes the musty, unclean odor in basements, even when no flooding exists. 

Continual dampness can cause warping and swelling in framing and walls.  It will also cause mold and mildew in both basements and crawl spaces and can seriously affect your health.

Mold and mildew can invade the wall spaces of your home, and can permanently damage furniture and any basement finishing you may already have or would like to install.


Rain King can recommend and install in your basement or crawl space, according to your needs, a wide variety of dehumidification systems offered only by leading manufacturers.

These systems are powerful enough to pull 100 pints (that's 12 gallons!) of water from the air each day

They are also fully equipped with air temperature control features that keep the air from excessive cooling, thereby making it possible to literally pull the moisture from concrete walls, floors and foundations.

Dehumidification systems not only eliminate dampness and its hazards, they also purify the air.  This will protect your health and your entire home!


Rain King will install discharge pipes to automatically drain the water from your dehumidification system.  No need to empty dehumidifier buckets day after day!

Where circumstances allow, your dehumidification system can also be located in a cabinet or an adjoining utility room, such as your furnace and hot water heating area.  This is accomplished by venting the air in and then venting the dry air out back out.

Our dehumidification systems are tailored to fit your home's specific needs

These are some of the many ways that Rain King can customize a dehumidification system that is ideally suited to your personal needs, your preference and your tastes.

Don't live another day with the threat of damage and ill health due to excessive humidity in your basement or crawl space.  Call The Rain King!

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